New Bins for Residents

Published on 24 November 2020

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Snowy Valleys Council will roll out a roadside waste and recycling bin harmonisation after the Council (last week) approved the supply of new branded curbside wheelie bins for households across the region.

The harmonisation will see the replacement of all 120 litre general waste bins with new branded 140 litre red lidded bins and new 240 litre branded yellow lidded bins for recycling.

Council’s Executive Director Infrastructure Heinz Kausche said the harmonisation would see every household with the same waste and recycling bin capacity and easily identifiable bin lid colours.

“The new bins with coloured lids will provide consistency for households, and will help with easy identification. It is planned that the new bins will be rolled out in mid 2021,” Mr Kausche said.

Council is also planning a trial of a new waste voucher system and waste services app to be available in January 2021 in an effort to reduce congestion and the amount of waste being sent to landfills during the current Waste Weekend program.

“These are all initiatives driven out of Council’s Zero Waste Strategy ensuring appropriate waste management and resource recovery services are in place,” said Mr Kausche.

Further information will be provided to residents on the delivery of the new bins and removal of the old bins closer to time of the rollout.



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  1. Jacqueline Green
    We are aged pensioners who find it hard enough now to take out the size bins we have now and do not need or want larger bins. We would like a greenwaste bin to save the expense and difficulty of taking our garden waste to the tip. There is also no mention in Council information about who is going to pay for the larger new bins - Council or ratepayers?
    1. Donna Wilson
      Hi Jacqueline, thanks for your feedback. The bin replacement program costs will be covered by Council's waste budget – no immediate cost to the community. cheers Donna
  2. Graham Whitehead
    How about a bin for garden waste & lawn clippings ?
    1. Jacqueline Green
      We would really get good use from a garden waste bin
    2. Donna Wilson
      Hi Graham, You will be pleased to learn that Council has approved a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bin service due to start in mid/late 2021. We will release more details in the coming months cheers Donna