Pools to open this season under COVID-safe protocols

Published on 21 September 2020


With pool season fast approaching public swimming pools across the Snowy Valleys will be operating under new COVID-safe conditions and rules when doors open for use.

COVID-safe protocols including limits on patron numbers under the one person per 4 square metre rule, and signing in for contact tracing will become the norm this year as Council staff prepare for opening.

“To provide a safe environment for our community, changes will be implemented to meet the NSW Government's COVID-19 restrictions at all our outdoor pools,” said Council’s Executive Director Infrastructure, Heinz Kausche.

“We need to ensure sufficient physical distancing between participants in and out of the water, and each pool will be affected differently based its size,” he said.

“People will be required to sign in each time they enter the pool grounds and we will have COVID-safe limits on pool lanes, and change rooms numbers,” Mr Kausche explained.

As a minimum, changes will include:

  • Maximum capacities applied to each facility, pool and building area
  • Customer sign in for contract tracing purposes
  • Additional requirements for group bookings and events

Mr Kausche said COVID Marshalls may need to be engaged on busy/hot days to ensure a streamlined approach to users providing contact details and applying any restrictions around people limits.

“Initially we will use our staff and lifeguards to monitor the day-to-day operations but if things get too busy we will also consider engaging extra security if required,” he said.

Pools will again have free general admittance, with the Tumut and Adelong pools opening to the public on Saturday 10 October and pools in Batlow, Tumbarumba and Khancoban following on Saturday 7 November.  The season will close for all pools on Sunday 14 March 2021.

Keen swimmers over 18 years will be able to apply for an after-hours access card in the coming days with Tumut and Adelong pools opening for card holders from Saturday 3 October 2020.

Card holders will be able to access the Batlow, Tumbarumba and Khancoban pools from Saturday 31 October 2020.

Mr Kausche said upgrade works at the Tumbarumba and Tumut pools were progressing well and that construction would not hinder the opening of either pool.

“Work will be continuing after the pools have opened and we will be ensuring that the construction sites at both the Tumbarumba and Tumut pools will be made safe/secured against entry until the works are fully completed,” he said.

The $1.2 million Tumut pool upgrade project includes replacing the 55-year-old amenities and entry block with a newly situated building and entry which will significantly transform the pool complex into an exciting modern facility. Pool blankets and solar panels are also being installed to help regulate water temperature.

The $928,000 upgrades at the Tumbarumba pool include the construction of a baby pool, water-play area and learn-to-swim pool freeing up the existing 28 metre pool to be utilised more as a lap pool.

These upgrades are proudly funded by the NSW Government.

Council will release more information on card-holder applications and COVID-safe requirements in the coming days.  For more information visit www.svc.nsw.gov.au/pools

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