Snowy Valleys, Dream Now Visit Later

Published on 23 April 2020

The picturesque Snowy Valleys - Dream Now Visit Later.jpg

Snowy Valleys Council is responding to the COVID-19 travel restrictions by encouraging potential visitors to plan future adventures in the Snowy Valleys via their latest social media campaign, ‘#dreamnowvisitlater.

The ‘dream now visit later’ campaign uses a series of images showing the beauty of the Snowy Valleys region and its offerings to remind people that the Snowy Valleys will be waiting for visitors with open arms when things return to normal.

Council’s Executive Director Community and Corporate Paul Holton said Council’s Place Activation team had stepped up to tackle the tough situation the local tourism industry currently faced by embracing the uncertainty as a way to uplift spirits and inspire future adventures.

“Every Australian region will be working hard to attract domestic visitors once the restrictions are lifted and it’s so important that the Snowy Valleys doesn’t get left behind,” he said.

“It’s vital that we get the message across that while travelers need to stay home now, the magnificent Snowy Valleys will be waiting for them when the pandemic passes and we want people to feel free to dream about all the things they can do and enjoy here when we open again,” he said.

Mr Holton said Council is considering many different opportunities to continue to reach target audiences, and are being strategic about how, what and where to invest.

“We are also working closely with Destination NSW and Destination Riverina Murray on ideas for media promotion and famils on the other side of COVID-19 to promote the region as a visitor destination.

“We had the Better Homes and Garden’s team visit the region just before the travel bans (with the segment being aired on TV in May), and work continues on the Snowy Valleys Way promotional collateral, so good things are still being done behind the scenes.

“We have also been liaising with local venues and businesses to promote their goods and services via a Destination NSW program called ‘meet-in-NSW’ which encourages businesses to plan their next conference, meeting or event in regional NSW once the pandemic restrictions are lifted”.

Council’s much anticipated Snowy Valleys Visitors Guide had suffered production delays due to the devastating bushfires and now the additional COVID-19 restrictions have led to the decision to cancel publication plans for the time being.

Mr Holton said Council was in the process of refunding any payments it had received for advertising in the guide and planned to produce a smaller seasonal guide in the coming months to fill the gap.

“It is still our plan to produce a comprehensive Snowy Valleys Visitor Guide and this time of restriction will allow us to plan and execute an even better guide in the future.  It also provides time for bushfire affected businesses to recuperate and ensures that they won’t be left behind,” he said.

If your tourism business is doing something innovative to reach your customers, changing the way you work, or you have good news stories or learnings that you would like to share with other local businesses, please contact [email protected] 

Community and businesses can also help to promote the Snowy Valleys on social media by tagging #visitsnowyvalleys in their favourite Snowy Valleys photos and posts.



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