Travelling Suitcases Bring Art to Tumbarumba Library

Published on 19 March 2019

Travelling suitcases art exhibition.jpg

Visitors to the Tumbarumba Library have the opportunity to discover and handle works of art that come in travelling suitcases.

The travelling suitcases, officially known as The Elaine and Jim Wolfensohn Gift, are made up of three art-filled travelling suitcases: the Red case, the Yellow case (which travel together) and the Blue case (which travels separately).

The Red and Yellow cases are currently on display at the Tumbarumba Library.

The red case entitled Myths and Rituals is filled with works that draw upon beliefs and symbols from countries around the world – India, China, Africa and Australia. These exotic and curious works range from a ceremonial teapot to an Ankus (elephant goad) and are created out of a range of materials, including bronze, wood and pearl shell.

Works featured in the yellow case, entitled Form, Space and Design present a mixture of concepts that show great humour and originality including curious items like Mary Oliver’s music sticks and David Wallace’s bush toys of stockmen on horses from Santa Teresa near Alice Springs.

Council’s Acting Director of Strategy, Community and Development Phil Stone said the exhibition is a unique experience and one not to be missed.

“The idea of the suitcase kits is to give children and adults a chance to handle and appreciate original works of art by contemporary artists as well as works from other cultures and periods,” Mr Stone said.

The suitcases travel around Australia, on loan to schools, libraries, galleries, community centres and other venues, and the objects in the cases can be touched and held.

The NGA has received funding from the Elaine and Jim Wolfensohn Foundation which makes it possible for the NGA to cover the freight and insurance costs of the cases so there is no charge to institutions who wish to access the cases. The NGA also organises the movement of the cases from one venue to the next.

“Our membership with Riverina Regional Libraries provides our Libraries with access to these type of experiences and activities which we would not normally have access to,” Mr Stone said.

The Elain and Jim Wolfensohn Gift Exhibition is on display at the Tumbarumba Library until 27 March 2019.

For more information contact the Tumbarumba Library on 6948 2725

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