Update on Funding Applications for Brindabella Road

Published on 30 September 2021

Road works.png

Update on funding applications for upgrades and improvements to Brindabella Road

Council has been notified of the unsuccessful outcome of the Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund grant application for $81,197,121 for work on Brindabella Road.

The Snowy Hydro Legacy grant application was $17,347,121 for road safety upgrade works, $1,000,000 for a road survey and design, and $62,850,000 for road construction from Brindabella Valley to Tumut.

Feedback from the funding authority was that the projects did not have the potential to make a transformative change to improving regional supply chain efficiencies.

A funding application for $16,298,638 in road safety upgrades made to the Fixing Country Roads Program back in September 2020 was also not successful.

Council is still awaiting feedback on their Fixing Local Roads Grant application submitted in July 2021. The Fixing Local Roads Grant application, in accordance with funding guidelines, is for $3,000,000 in safety upgrades.

Council continues to advocate for upgrades to regional roads including Brindabella Road. 

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