Organics Green-Lid Bin

240L Weekly collection

Food scraps and garden clippings go in your Organics green-lid bin. Click here to learn more about the Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) service

Use your kitchen caddy to separate and collect food scraps while cooking. Click here to learn more about using your kitchen caddy

What goes in your Organics bin?

YES  NO we cannot compost: 
Garden waste and lawn clippings   Plastic bags
Food scraps  x Nappies
Meat/fish scraps and bones  x Pet waste or kitty litter
Eggs and dairy products  x Glass
Food soiled paper towel and tissues  x Plastics
Shredded or soiled paper  x Tins and cans
Soiled pizza boxes  x Timber
   x Gravel or rocks
   x Building materials

Tips to reduce odours in your Organics bin

  • Rinse bin after collection
  • Recycle your food regularly - Put your green-lid organics bin out for collection every week, even if it is not full.
  • Swap it out - Alternate food scraps with layers of leaves or lawn clippings to reduce odours.
  • Separate your scraps - Put stinky scraps like meat, fish or bones in the freezer until collection day. Remember to use a compostable bag or newspaper, no plastic bags or containers.
  • Squeeze your tea bags - Leave tea bags and coffee grinds to cool off before putting them in your bin. If it gets hot and steamy, it’ll create extra water and encourage fruit flies. Also make sure you squeeze out any excess water.
  • Eat more of your food - Write a weekly menu plan and make a shopping list, so you only buy what you need. Recycling food is great, but eating it is better.

 Other tips for managing smells in your bins

  • Store bins in the shade and out of direct sunlight if possible.
  • Close the lid — it’s simple, but it helps.
  • Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in the bottom of your bins (it’s a natural odour neutraliser).
  • Use insect spray around bin lid if flies become a problem.
  • Rinse bins after collection with water and a dash of tea tree oil or lemon juice.

Reducing food waste at home

More than a third of all household waste is food. The NSW EPA’s Love Food Hate Waste program aims to prevent about 60% of household food waste.

It's easy to reduce the amount of food you throw out at home by following these six simple steps.

  • know your waste
  • plan your meals
  • shop with a list
  • perfect your portions
  • store food correctly
  • love your leftovers

To find out more visit Love Food Hate Waste