Planning an Event

Snowy Valleys Council is committed to supporting the successful planning and implementation of community and tourism events throughout the region. We recognise the social and economic benefit that vibrant and sustainable events offer our communities.

Planning an event can be a rewarding experience, however one that requires a lot of time and hard work. There are many things to consider when giving approval for events, including public safety and ensuring minimal disruption to others, so we do need to find out more and sometimes to consider an application from you before approving an event.  

Things that may need to be considered include:

  • Council services eg power, amenities, waste
  • Full or partial closure of a road/s
  • Erection of temporary structures or amusements
  • Selling food
  • Serving alcohol
  • Erection of flags or banners
  • Holding a fireworks display
  • Insurances
  • Risk Assessments

To make a time to discuss your event, please contact our Customer Service Team:

1300 ASK SVC (1300 275 782) / [email protected]