Book a Street Stall

Community groups and not-for-profit organisations are able to apply to hold a street stall to raise funds for their organisation. 

Council calls for submission of applications in October/November each year. Approvals are granted in December for the following 12 months. Approvals throughout the year will only be granted if vacancies exist.

Stall Locations;

Stalls are restricted to:

  • Tumut: Wednesday to Saturday; located in front of House to Home, Wynyard Street
  • Adelong: Wednesday to Saturday; located in front of the Supermarket, Tumut Street
  • Batlow: Any day; located near the library on Pioneer Street, or the IGA supermarket as applicable
  • Tumbarumba: - Applications for streets stalls in the Tumbarumba area are taken in person at our Tumbarumba Office.  .

A COVID plan is also required with your application.

For more information please contact our Customer Service Team.  Fees and charges may apply.

1300 ASK SVC (1300 275 782) / [email protected]

 Note: Alternative locations may be approved with the consent, in writing, of the shop proprietor of which the proposed stall is to be located.


  • In order to avoid conflict between operators, only one (1) street stall can be conducted on any given day in each town.
  • Due to the high number of applications received for stalls on Thursday and Friday, organisations are restricted to only one stall per year on either day, unless vacancies exist after the initial processing of applications.
  • Information stalls (e.g. Defence Force Recruitment, Community Health, etc.) do not conflict with street stalls and may therefore be approved on the same day as a street stall. Approval from shop proprietors and Council is required.
  • Priority will be given to National Appeal Days, which may be held on any day of the week.


A minimum public liability insurance of $20,000,000 is required by street stall operators. Proof of insurance must be presented with the application prior to approval.

Selling Food

  • All food must be protected from contamination by pre-packing; using clean containers or plastic wrapping
  • Food must not be prepared on site
  • Perishable food are not be sold unless approved storage facilities are provided
  • All food must be kept 600mm above footpath level
  • Every package of food must be clearly labelled* with the following particulars:
  • The common name of the product
  • The name of the maker or responsible organisation
  • Date of manufacture
  • Any product containing nuts must be clearly marked as they are life-threatening to many people with allergies

*Labelling does not need to be difficult. A simple hand written label is sufficient

For all enquiries please contact our Customer Service Team:

1300 ASK SVC (1300 275 782) / [email protected]