Integrated Planning and Reporting

The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) suite of documents includes the Community Strategic Plan; The Resourcing Strategy (Long-Term Financial Planning, Asset Management Planning & Workforce Management Planning); Delivery Program; Operational Plan, Annual Reports and other strategic plans.  


Annual Reports

The Annual Report provides an overview of Snowy Valleys Council’s performance and activities throughout each year.

The programs and activities detailed in these reports are based on objectives and performance targets identified in the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program

Annual Report 2018/2019(PDF, 4MB)

Annual Report 2017/2018(PDF, 3MB)

Annual Report 2016/2017(PDF, 1MB)

Administrator end of term report(PDF, 9MB)


Financial Statements and Operating Budgets

Financial Statements

The financial statements set out the financial performance, financial position & cash flows of Council for the financial year ended 30 June. The format of the financial statements is standard across all NSW Councils and complies with both the accounting & reporting requirements of Australian Accounting Standards and requirements as set down by the NSW Office of Local Government. 

2018-2019 Financial Statements - Snowy Valleys Council(PDF, 4MB)

2017-2018 Financial Statements - Snowy Valleys Council(PDF, 6MB)

2016-2017 Financial Statements - Snowy Valleys Council(PDF, 4MB)

2015-2016 Financial Statements (former Tumbarumba Shire Council)(PDF, 5MB)

2015-2016 Financial Statements (former Tumut Shire Council)(PDF, 4MB)

Operational Budget

Produced annually, the Operational Budget details Council’s planned income and expenditure over a twelve month period. It outlines the resources necessary to bring plans and strategies into fruition. This includes capital works programs, the provision of services and operational spending.

2019/2020 Operational Budget(PDF, 2MB)

Long Term Financial Plan 2018-28 (including 2018/2019 operating budget)(PDF, 3MB)

2017-2018 Operational Budget(PDF, 1MB)


Delivery Programs & Operational Plans

Delivery Program

The Delivery Program is the primary public planning document for Council’s proposed activities and the performance measures for the next four years. The Delivery Program incorporates the yearly Operational Plan which identifies the principle activities for Council from 1 July to 30 June each year.

2018-2021 SVC-Delivery-Program

2017-2018 Delivery Program incorporating the 17-18 Operational Plan(PDF, 3MB)


Operational Plan

A yearly Operational Plan which identifies the principle activities for Council from 1 July to 30 June each year. 

The Operational Plan is reviewed bi-annually and a report is prepared for the community on the performance targets identified and our achievements.


SVC 2019-20 Half-Yearly Action and Project Update(PDF, 8MB)

SVC_Operational-Plan-2019-20(PDF, 2MB)

SVC_Revenue-Policy-2019-20(PDF, 941KB)


SVC Operational Plan SVC 2018-19 Half-Yearly Action and Project Update(PDF, 1MB)

SVC Operational-Plan-2018-19(PDF, 2MB)